Marble polishing

At CALIDAD, we provide marble polishing services in Dubai and ensure that all your surfaces get premium-quality treatment with machinery and chemicals by international brands. Our services include:

  1. Marble Repairing Service

  2. Marble Cleaning and Polishing

  3. Marble Restoration Service

  4. Marble Maintenance Service

  5. Marble Floor Polishing Service


CALIDAD is the best marble polishing company in Dubai, UAE, catering to this as well. Deeply stained spots are removed by Grinding, re-polishing, and crystallization of marble.


Marble is a wide-spread floor covering. It is used massively for both residential and commercial purposes. It adds to the luxurious appearance of your space.

 And not only as flooring, but marble countertops also act as a great way to brighten up your kitchens, where marble tables add to the beauty of your home.


Marble is susceptible to scratching and etching and will lose its luster and shine if they aren’t cared for. At this point, no matter how many times you clean your marble flooring, it yields insignificant results, as marred or cracked tiles always appear dirty. 


This requires special care. Modern cleaning techniques like crystallization, polishing, and grinding, allow the stone to be returned to its original appearance. 

If you’re looking for an experienced and locally trusted marble polishing company in Dubai, UAE, that provide marble polishing and restoration in Essex, talk to the experts at CALIDAD Cleaning Services today to find out how we can bring your marble floors back to life. 


CALIDAD Cleaning Services is the best marble polishing company in Dubai, UAE. CALIDAD ensures that your marble gets its shine and luster back with our detailed and advanced techniques.


 Using A combination of modern technology, high-quality chemistry, and great experience gives excellent results making CALIDAD cleaning Services stand out as the best marble polishing company in Dubai, UAE.